Aluminum, chemical element with atomic number 13 and symbol Al. It is a ductile silver metal. It is generally found in the form of bauxite ore in nature and is known for its superior resistance to oxidation. Passivation feature underlies this resistance. It is used in the production of millions of different products in many branches of the industry and has a very important place in the world economy. Structural components made of aluminum are indispensable for the aerospace and aviation industry. It finds wide use in the transportation and construction industry, which requires lightness and high strength properties.


What is Aluminum Profile?

The use of steel profiles is quite common today. However, aluminum profiles, which were candidates to replace steel profiles in the past, seem to have already replaced steel profiles in terms of usage and cost. Aluminum profile, whose usage areas are increasing day by day, is not like steel in terms of quality.

Alüminyum Profil Nedir

What is Aluminum Profile

Aluminum models vary according to their quality, and quality aluminum models are very durable and effective. For this reason, thanks to the protective eloxal coating of the surface, its effects are increased with corrosion-resistant properties. These factors do not require grinding and painting processes as in steel construction. The dimensions of the profiles, which are designed in accordance with the application areas, consist of 8mm and 10mm channels. In this way, it has robust and highly durable features against static and dynamic loads. Thanks to these features, aluminum profiles are preferred instead of steel profiles. Aluminum profiles competing with steel in terms of their effects are offered for sale at much more affordable price ranges than steel profiles.

What are the reasons and advantages of aluminum profiles??

The most important factor in choosing aluminum profile is that it is serial assembly feature. In addition to this feature, durability and high design features are just a few of the reasons why aluminum is preferred.

• Easy to use thanks to the aluminum profile channels with the most ideal cross-sections.
• Being lighter than steel profile offers great convenience in shipment processes.
• Its durability feature is quite high and it is produced with these features.
• It is designed to be used easily in every area thanks to its special channels.
• It saves time and enables faster installation.
• Aluminum profiles are among the most preferred profiles today due to their features that prevent the disruption of planning.

Thanks to the aluminum profiles offered in our world, you can get rid of all the negative factors that will prevent your planning times. We do not compromise our corporate principles and offer you first class service. Nowadays, aluminum profile is competing with steel, and when you want to buy these profiles at an affordable price, you can contact us and take a look at the alternatives and obtain them from us.

Types of aluminum profiles

Aluminum Ore is a very important building material of our age.
It is an indispensable building material in the construction sector with its use in many fields in the industry.
Aluminum profile is divided into many areas within itself.
Types of aluminum profiles used in the building industry
-Aluminum box
-Aluminum angle bar
-It consists of standard profiles called Aluminum Lamas and Lambiri.
Aluminum profile types named under the title of architectural systems are;
-Aluminum door and window profiles
-Aluminum sliding joinery profiles
-Aluminum curtain wall profiles
or the roof skylight is called skylight.
The most important reason for preferring Aluminum, which is more and more in our lives every day;
Prevention of unnecessary load in buildings, aesthetic appearance, being able to take any form and being economical are among the most important reasons for preference.

Aluminum, which has advantages in many respects and therefore started to be preferred instead of various materials such as steel, iron and wood; It appeals to a wide range of areas from the building sector to furniture and automotive, from the advertising sector to food and textiles, and makes both producers and consumers happy with its economical cost and easy-to-process features.

When the service area is so wide, of course, its features such as size, thickness, and dimension include extremely flexibility, and it meets every expectation unconditionally with its rich product options according to the purpose and application. Aluminum, which carries its nobility of gray, brings great convenience to our lives with its profile types, as in many other areas where it is used, and it is divided into different categories and each serves in different areas. Aluminum Profile Types;

Standard Profiles

* Rod

* Rectangular Llama

* Rectangular Box

* Square Llama

* Square Box

* Pipe

* T Profile

* L Profile

* U Profile

Special Production Profiles

* Rack and Stand Profiles

* Awning Profiles

* Curtain Profiles

* Composite Panel Profiles


Industry Profiles

* Cooling Profiles

* Sigma Profiles

* Automotive

* Culvert Profiles

Advertising Profiles

Furniture Profiles

Aluminum Profile Usage Areas

Aluminum Profile Usage Areas: Aluminum profile is one of the building materials that has a wide use in the construction and building sector. Aluminum profile materials, which are resistant to heat, can also be shaped easily thanks to their elastic structure, and they can easily transmit electricity and heat, weather conditions; The fact that it is resistant to liquid and gas leaks creates an environment for the continuous expansion of the usage area of aluminum profile materials. These profile materials, which can show great resistance to adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow, enable them to be used widely, especially in exterior construction, thanks to their aforementioned features.

What Are The Usage Areas Of Aluminum Profiles?

While aluminum profile materials, which have many features that will provide ease of use, are preferred in many areas of the oil and construction sector in line with these features, their usability, long life and durability increase their quality two times more. Aluminum profiles; It can be used in laying floors, filling floor gaps, as well as in glass balcony systems, corner turns in glass doors, industrial and household shutter production, skeletal structure of entrance stairs of houses, stair railings, balcony railings, edges of pools in order to prevent the passage of water and air from glass balcony mechanisms. They are frequently used building elements in fears, partition wall works, in order to open and close windows and doors, and in steel door frames.

Aluminum Profile Usage Areas:

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Profiles?

The main reason why aluminum profile materials, which have such a wide usage area, are so widespread in the building and construction sector, is the advantages they provide thanks to their features. Aluminum profiles are primarily products that are extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions, so they are one of the materials used for a long life on the exterior. In addition to adverse weather conditions, it is very light, easy to install, transmits heat and electricity instantly, easily adapts to the area of ​​use by taking shape, and makes sound insulation, which are the biggest advantages of aluminum profiles for its users. In addition to its cheap cost, its long service life is another advantage of aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are one of the building elements that provide great convenience, especially in areas that are of great importance in buildings such as exterior facades. It is possible for you to provide the aluminum profile service, which you can use in every area of ​​your home, by contacting us immediately with the highest quality and cheapest cost.


Aluminum Profile Provides Both Durable and Aesthetic Appearance

Aluminum Profile Provides Both Durable and Aesthetic Appearance: In recent years, many decorative ideas have emerged for the aesthetic appearance of living spaces. Aluminum profile is of great importance for these decorative ideas to come to life and not to take their place in our living spaces. Produced aluminum profiles are produced in different sizes and features and are obtained by using extremely durable materials. In order for interior decoration and exterior decoration ideas to come to life, you can choose aluminum profiles that offer durable and aesthetic appearance. The aluminum profiles preferred instead of the steel profiles used in previous years adds to many aspects. The shipments are much easier and faster with their small footprint and lightness during shipment processes. Profiles that offer aesthetic appearance in living spaces are produced using durable and first-class materials. Aluminum Profile Provides Both Durable and Aesthetic Appearance.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Profile?

Offering an aesthetic appearance, the aluminum profile is produced with both durable and useful features. Profiles that are preferred for many purposes in interior spaces are among the number one preferences of interior architects. However, there are a few points to be considered in profile selection. Among these points, it is to prefer the profiles of the companies that continue their activities with an understanding of reliable and quality service. Our company, which has been offering different alternatives in the sector for years, offers extremely useful profiles in indoor and outdoor design at affordable price ranges. Aluminum profile models preferred by interior and exterior architects can be in different sizes. You can choose the profile by looking at these dimensions and features, and you can choose aluminum profiles to add an aesthetic appearance to your living spaces.

Quality Aluminum Profile Selection

Profiles, which are preferred to make living spaces look much more modern and aesthetic today, are instrumental in the emergence of different decor ideas. It is important to give importance to quality in the selection of aluminum profile models used, and you can find many alternatives in this regard. In our company, you can find profiles of 3 mm in size, lower and higher. With the angle profile and other profile models, living spaces become much more elegant and beautiful. In this regard, you can choose among the dozens of aluminum profiles in our structure.