Anodized; aesthetic appearance, a decorative surface with long-lasting color and brightness, is an electrically insulated coating process to increase corrosion resistance, provide a soft texture and meet strict hygiene requirements.

The surface quality and appearance of the aluminum profiles we have produced are satisfactory for a wide range of applications even before the surface is treated. However, there are sectors (furniture and construction industries) that need to increase the color variety and surface quality as well as increasing the protection against corrosion. Aluminum profiles are subjected to anodized surface treatment to meet such demands. These are divided into MATT ANODIZING-BRIGHT ANODIZED and COLORED ANODIZED.

Before BRIGHT ANODIZING, press profiles are polished with a certain pressure and cycle by applying a special chemical polishing polish in the polishing machine. The shine of the surfaces are checked for brightness and anodized coating if appropriate. In MAT ANODIZING, before anodizing, the press surfaces are chemically matted and the surface effect is etched. Afterwards, an anodized coating is obtained with a matte appearance. In the production of COLORED ANODIZING, after micronizing the profiles, the desired color is obtained depending on the time by giving electricity in the tin-nickel-yellow baths. Our anodizing facility has an annual capacity of 6,000 tons. We can make anodizing up to a maximum length of 7 meters for bronze and yellow color tones, and a maximum length of 7.50 meters for matte and polished colorless profiles.


In the QUALANOD quality system control, we use 4 anodized baths with 10,000 amps each and 3 color baths (tin-yellow-nickel) with 6,000 amps, together with other baths in the anodizing line. We focus on minimizing our error rates by ensuring the continuity of surface thickness, gloss and color tones, together with optimum corrosion resistance and high surface quality. All necessary tests are carried out periodically according to the QUALANOD quality system. In our anodizing facility, we have a treatment system with a capacity of 400 tons, in which all our wastes that do not pose a risk to nature are completely non-hazardous (certified by TUBITAK).