In our electrostatic powder coating facility, powder paint, which does not contain any solvent, is applied with corona system guns to the profiles that are loaded with static electricity and painted. The powder recycling system collects the excess powder accumulated in the booth and returns it to the painting system, thus enabling a more economical process. In order to increase the adhesion capacity of the powder paint on the profiles, a chemical pre-surface treatment process (chrome-free and acidic etching baths for profiles up to 7 meters) is applied. Our powder coating facility has a capacity of 1.500 tons per year; It can paint profiles up to a maximum of 7 meters in different brightness and in all RAL colors.

Our profiles that have been painted and tested under the control of the QUALICOAT quality system; against sudden temperature and humidity changes; Although they are resistant to UV rays and corrosion, they have good adhesion and processability. Our painted profiles also perform well against other external factors in interior and exterior spaces, which are especially important in terms of decoration and architecture, and have color continuity. Finally, we have a treatment system in our dyehouse facility to treat chemical wastes.