Our factory has 4 extrusion press lines of 1200 (5 “) – 1460 (6”) – 1800 (7 “) – 3300 (8”) US tons with an annual aluminum profile capacity of 25.000 tons. With our existing extrusion production lines, profiles can be produced between a minimum of 0.70 kg / mt and a maximum of 20 kg / mt. With years of experience and developing technology, we continuously provide high surface quality even in difficult sections. We apply a rigorous quality control system in all processes of the extrusion production line.

Profiles in the product range of our factory; It is divided into two basic categories: standard profiles and customer-specific profiles. Standard profile types can be defined as round, flat and hexagonal bars and pipes, rectangular and oval pipe and L-U-T-Z-C-I-H shaped profiles. Customer-specific profiles are specially designed according to the final product purpose and customer needs. Çelikler Aluminum has more than 8,000 suitable profile designs for applications in almost all industrial sectors. The alloys used in our world are 6060, 6063 and 6463. In addition, there is a raw material brushing system before extrusion to obtain better quality products.