At the design stage, it is possible to produce a profile that requires minimal mechanical processing after extrusion. However, some further processing forms are needed after extrusion in different manufactures. The material property of aluminum is suitable for the application of this type of processing method.

In our company, which is constantly developing and renewed in the pursuit of technology, with our experienced and technical team that has developed itself at the highest level according to the conditions of the day, all processes such as processing, routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and saw cutting are carried out with high precision and quality according to the demands of our customers. service is provided.

In our production line, there are 5 axis CNC machining center, 3 axis CNC machining center, vertical process CNC center, automatic saw, double head angle cutting saw, single head 90 degree precision cutting saw, eccentric presses and punch machines.

In addition, our company has a heat barrier line, and the assembly process of heat insulated profiles is carried out in line with the customer’s request.